5 Business Ideas For A Busy 9 to 5’er

In these difficult economic times, the risk of starting a business is the same as the risk of losing your job. Whether you are trying to buy that dream car, pay off your student loans, or safeguard your future earnings, a side hustle can really come in handy. This article highlights some of the best business ideas for the 5-to-9 ers.


If you are skilled good at providing consultations to others, you can make up to 300 dollars an hour as a trainer or a coach. Most coaching sessions only take less than two hours hence less time consuming. With the advantage of video conferencing, you can train your clients over the internet. As long as you are able to connect with people and help them, this option can be a great business idea for you. Furthermore, it will serve you best if you treasure your off- time.


Blogging can be a lucrative side hustle that will earn you a good chunk of extra bucks. You can start with a word press site as you build your fan/client base. Your revenue will be generated through your blogs from either advertisements or selling subscriptions. As it works for all other businesses, high traffic translates to higher incomes. You will also need to create more references to your blogs through social media and direct references by friends. With blogging, money will still flow to your bank even if you are not working.

Soap maker

You can make either soap or beauty products and sell them online or at local events. This venture allows you to play out your creativity with scents and aesthetics. In this business, holding up the consumer standards is most important. No one would want to get a skin rash or burns from your products. It may not be easy as it may seem during the planning stage and will need more determination and heart to get it operational. You will need o find a reputable supplier for the ingredients.

Clothing designer

You can decide to design you own clothes and sell them online or at the functions. This can be rewarding for a visionary and creative entrepreneur. If you are a part time venture, start with few designs and small productions. Take beautiful pictures and for display on the online stores as you build more networks over your time-plan. You might want to get a fashion expert as well for assistance.

Computer tutor

The demands for computer skills are constantly increasing. The skills of most workers in a particular field become insufficient as the technologies continue to develop. If you are good with windows, Linux or web creation, or other relevant computer software applications, you can utilize your skills to help other and make money off them too. This will require you to establish yourself, develop your curriculum, and acquire the right learning materials to become a computer educator.

All these business ideas will demand endurance, flexibility, and dedication to face the challenges that will present themselves. As a student or an employee, starting out gradually with on a low-cost and a low risk path is highly encouraged.