Are photo booths a fad or here to stay?

Technological breakthroughs in the digital photography have enhanced the quality of pictures taken by people. Photo booths which have emerged thanks to advancements in digital photography have elicited excitement and favor from people. However the big question is if these photo kiosks will soon fade into oblivion or stand the test of time. This article therefore seeks to provide arguments affirming that photo booths are here to stay.

1. The rise of digital photo booths

For many years, photo booths have been unpopular in the market. Most photo booths were of the analogue version hence became faced out and their use dwindled. However, the digital era has facilitated the rise of digital photo booths which are increasingly been incorporated in diverse events. Besides, the digital photos booths have a number of attributes which are enhancing their popularity.

2. The attractive attributes of the current photo booths

There are a number of key variables that have made photo booths find their way back to the world of fame. They are as follows:

They are digital

The photo booths have the capability to produce high resolution pictures. There is also the benefit of choosing either colored or black and white photos.

Highly portable

The mobile nature of photo booths has contributed to their popularity in family gatherings, corporate parties, exhibitions and weddings. It is easy for the photo booths to be transported from one geographical location to another. This is mainly due to the innovations in the software and computer technology that is integrated in the photo booths.

Photo booths provide quality entertainment

As opposed to the past where photo booths were merely used for taking pictures, it is a whole different narrative presently. Nowadays, photo booths provide a chance for people to have an interactive session as photos are being taken. At a wedding for instance, a couple and guests are able to have fun as they take photos. The photos can be customized to suit the needs of the couple and guests making it a fun and joyous affair altogether.


The digital version of photo booths does not only take quality photos but also protects the environment. The chemicals used when processing pictures do not pose any harm to the environment. This is in contrast to the analogue photo booths.

3. Photo booths are now marketing tools

Marketing activities of organizations have assumed a new approach as a result of the rise of digital photo booths. Many organizations now prefer to hire photo booth services during end of year parties or other corporate events. Although the primary function of the photo booths may be assumed to be entertainment, the also play a pictorial marketing function. As such, photo booths enable organizations to increase brand awareness in an easy yet effective marketing approach.

In conclusion, digital photo booths are still gaining a reputation as an efficient method of taking photos during weddings, parties and other events. Besides, the photo booths have come bearing gifts-instant processing of photos, colored photos among others. Are photo booths a passing cloud? It is too premature to make a conclusive opinion if they are a craze. Only time will tell if experts in the events and planning industry, wedding enthusiasts and people at large are totally wooed by photo booths.