The Latest Trends In 2017 For Bars and Lounges

Bars and Lounges

One of the most popular ways of socializing is to go to a bar or lounge. It is how many people celebrate, commiserate, romance, and unwind with friends. The changes that we are seeing in this kind of nightlife right now, involves the huge rise popularity of premium beverages and boutique drinks. This has changed the whole industry and the way people are partying. As a result this has created a whole new chain of supply and demand.

Bars and nightclubs are a multi billion dollar industry in America. For bars and lounges to be successful in 2017, the key criteria seems to be loyal customers, an adapting menu for food and drinks, and embracing new technology.

Keeping loyal customers

This might not be a new phenomenon, as bars and lounges have always had regulars, but this is definitely the key to success in 2017. Bars and lounges are modernizing, offering new décor, food, drinks, and music options. The true success of a bar or lounge is providing an atmosphere that is so inviting that it encourages repeat customers.

Menu Changes

A trend that has been noted recently, is the popularity of craft beers, ciders, wine, and cocktails. Younger consumers in particular are hungry for boutique beers that are unique and have interesting flavors. This is a worldwide phenomenon and as a result micro-breweries and bars that brew their own beers have been popping up everywhere. The exciting thing about this current love of boutique beverages, is we are seeing a lot of fresh options.

Along with beverages, food is becoming more interesting as well. Many bars and lounges are becoming home to creative bar snacks and a more adventurous range of bar food. The bars and lounges that are really thriving right now are the ones that have jumped on this trend and are selling new and interesting food and drinks.


The world of lounges and bars has been forever changed by the digital age. The smart phone has become an extended part of most people and as a result bars and lounges are a digital playground. From dating apps to everyone having a camera in their pocket, going out for a few drinks has certainly changed. Bars and lounges that are embracing technology are doing well. The use of digital technology in bars is also taking off. Some bars have utilized digital signage to advertise the price of drinks – the Brew Exchange in Austin Texas has changing prices for drinks according to how popular they are – a kind of beverage stock market. Other bars and lounges are utilizing lighting, screens, and even Smart tables to satisfy this generation.

Overall it seems trends within the bar and lounge scene in 2017 are mostly about gourmet food and drinks and the latest technology. It seems consumers want what they have always wanted – drinks, good music, and laughs. The difference seems to be that now they prefer their beer to have a twist of something special. 2017 is seeing the trend of pop up bars and lounges with a touch of something a little different, doing really well with a younger, more sophisticated crowd.