5 Effective Up-To-Date Cyber Security Measures for Companies to Combat Hackers

Ransomware Attack

In the recent months, cyber crime headlines have constantly hit the news. Hundreds of companies are hacked each and every day. The dangers that are posed by cyber-criminals and state-backed hackers have proved to be a real threat to organizations all around the world.

With this wave of cyber crimes, now is the best time to proactively prevent your company from falling victim to such attacks. To help you get started, here are effective up-to-date measures that can help protect your company:

1. Use of Virtual Data Rooms (VDR)

VDRs are online storehouses where your business can securely store data. They also make it easier for employees and other authorized persons to share sensitive data within the company. Even though VDRs are commonly used to secure financial information, they can also be used to store legal documentations, intellectual property information, as well as tax paperwork. It’s almost impossible for hackers to access information that is stored in a VDR. So ensure that you get one!

2. Encrypt your data

Hackers usually target credit card accounts, banking routing digits, and employee social security numbers to steal from businesses. It is recommended that whenever important data is at rest, it is encrypted. Installing full-disk encryption tools to your system is the most convenient way of data encryption. Once on, these tools encrypt all the programs and files in your drive with negligible performance lag.

Furthermore, you can utilize encrypted messaging apps to communicate with your employees. For instance, this year Facebook Messenger added an end-to-end encryption feature for advanced information security. Not all messaging apps, however, contain this encryption feature. So before sharing any information, ensure that you review the app you’re using.

3. Get cyber security insurance

Yes, there is cyber security insurance! If you are a business owner, you definitely need this. Even though we all hope that cyber security breaches never happen, hope is just not good enough. We need to ensure that this risk is covered.

A cyber security insurance will protect your business from various cyber threats. And if there is a security breach, your company will not be crippled by paying tons of money in a lawsuit. Instead, your insurance policy will cover all your legal costs.

4. Hire “White Hat” hackers to test your system

To prevent sophisticated attacks, these ethical hackers can be quite resourceful. They’ll perform high-level penetration tests and attacks – with the company’s consent of course – and identify weak points in the systems. They’ll also help seal the weak points to prevent external attacks. White hat hackers are more effective and efficient than routine in-house tests.

5. System hardening

This is also referred to as security tightening or lockdown. It involves activities such as deactivating unnecessary software that form the basis of simple cyber attacks, configuring software for optimum use, as well as configuring the operating system for better security. System hardening is usually carried out in a step-by-step approach to iteratively reduce the exposed attack surfaces and increase the defensive layers.

Summing up, many security breaches are caused by employees clicking on malicious links or handing over sensitive information unintentionally to hackers who present themselves as reputable persons. Therefore, it is imperative that you supply your employees with the best practices such as securing networks when working remotely and using strong passwords to access company information. All these measures will come a long way in ensuring that critical information is secure.

Why Website Structure and Conversion Marketing Is Paramount

Having your website ranked top on Google, Yahoo or Bing is not the success of online marketing. You can have all the traffic on your website and get as many people as possible to know about your company through the internet. However, this does not guarantee success in digital marketing.If you are not making any sales through many visitors on your website then online marketing is not helping your company. Your web visitors are likely a bunch of window shoppers and as far as they generate traffic and you can even hit a million views, your sales will not reach the level you want it to reach if they don’t purchase.

The main thing that everybody is looking for is to generate more sales and get their Return on Investment. Success of every digital advertising is measured by how much profit you make but not how many people saw your advert. That’s the sole reason why most companies choose to take their businesses online in the first place. It’s not only about gaining traffic but making more profit by generating more sales. This can only happen if you turn your website visitors into purchasers. That’s the main concept of conversion marketing; convincing your web browsers to respond to a call of action by purchasing your product or service or clicking on an advert.

Getting your online audience to purchase your product when they view your website may not be as easy as it sounds though. It starts with getting them to understand your message and know exactly what you are talking about. Visiting your website is one thing, but responding to that call of action is another. Your message must be clear and as transparent as possible to get the audience to make the purchase decision. If they don’t understand your message, they will quickly move on to the next website and their visit to your website will just be a waste of time and you will loose a potential customer.

People tend to take a very short time to view a website. In a matter of seconds, someone has already made a decision whether to stay or leave the page. You probably want them to stick around a little more for them to purchase your product or service.You need to get something to grab their attention.With a proper website layout, you can achieve this. A proper web layout easily attracts browsers attention and they would easily want to read what is inside. “It’s incredible how many new SEO customers come to us who worked with other SEO companies, we take one look at their website and we’re dumbfounded how many SEO, optimization, marketing, and conversion layout mistakes there are; it’s truly astounding, and it should be a major piece of the puzzle to ensure this part isn’t overlooked” – says Tal Lifschitz CEO of Rise Marketing Make your website have a clear purpose and clear information that is easy to read and digest. Simplicity is a key to every good web layout.

So if you want to improve your customer engagement not just by visiting your website, you need to grab their attention and convince them to make a purchase decision. With competitors all around you having the same goals of generating more sales and increasing profit, converting a person browsing the web into a purchaser is not an easy task. You can have successful external advertising with a good search engine optimization but your neighbor whose company is even smaller may still generate more sales than you. They are probably better than you when it comes to conversion marketing.